Should old acquaintances be forgot and never brought to mind?

Here we are, looking at the end of another year and welcoming the hope and anticipation of a new year.  I hope the new year brings you all love and most importantly, the gift of peace.

So, what are your stitching plans for 2016?  I have taken the opportunity during these last few days to dig through my stash and see what wonderful patterns that have yet to be stitched.  I divided them into two piles – one that absolutely MUST be stitched this year, and the other pile was ‘if I get to it, I’ll stitch it.’  You may want to think about the same thing.  It’s easy to get discouraged when you look at all the patterns purchased with truly good intentions of stitching them as soon as you get home, but, then, life gets in the way, doesn’t it?  I would suggest to choose the projects that really ‘speak’ to you and start with those.  But they ALL speak to you, you say. You wouldn’t have bought them if they didn’t, right?  That is a process that you are going to have deal with .  Surely, some of them are more important to you than orders.

My plan for 2016 is to try to make homemade gifts for my family for Christmas.  I stumbled across an article yesterday that really struck home.  If you take the time (and often, it’s LOTS of time) in creating a homemade gift for someone, make sure that it will be appreciated  by the recipient. Few things are as distressing to find your lovely stitchery completed on 28 count linen, using your beloved Valdani threads not being displayed, even though they claimed to ‘love’ it.   So, let that be a note to self.   They are crossed off the list for future handmade gifts such as this.  Don’t get me wrong, still give them a gift, just not one that you lovingly made with your hands.  My two cents worth.

So, that being said, my gift to you.  I have included in this post a freebie designed and graciously donated by Notforgotten Farms.  This is a chart called ‘I Live in a Little House’.   This is a small stitch that would make a lovely pinkeep or ornie.

(Pssssst….next post I’ll put some instructions on how to fill your ornie with a fragrance.  Yummy!)


Remember right click, Save As, save it in a place on your computer that is easy for you to find.  I haven’t included floss suggestions because I want you to use your own creativity.  I hope you enjoy stitching this.


Until next time, peace and all good things.


The Princess and the Peddler










The kings they came from out the south, and dressed in ermin fine….

This is the first line of the poem Christmas Carol, by Sara Teasdale.  I have always loved Christmas and most of us think that is the case with everyone.  But, sadly, this isn’t the case.  There are many of our fellow brothers and sister who look upon this holiday with dread for many reasons.  It could be because their loved ones are gone, they have no one to celebrate the season with, they are homeless and cold and hungry, unemployed, and the list goes on.  I would like to ask each of you to always, but particularly during this holiday season, to make a difference in someone’s life.  A smile, help where and when you are able, and  help people remember why we celebrate this wonderful season.

Remember to whom much is given, much is expected.

Now, I  promised on my Facebook page a free pattern to help you keep busy during this holiday season.  Hah, you say?  Like you need something to keep you busy?  But a promise is a promise, right?    🙂  Remember to right click,  copy, then paste into either Paint Shop, word, or excel.

This is a lovely pattern called Woodland Deer designed and graciously donated by Lori Brechlin.

NL Woodland Deer - Nan Lewis

And here is the second one call Christmas ornie, also designed and donated by Lori Brechlin.  For those of you who may not know what an ornie is, it’s a small stitchery made to tuck into a bowl, on your Christmas tree, on a shelf, etc.  Any where you want, really.

Christmas ornie - Lori Brechlin


And this is a Christmas stitchery that I just got back from the framer. OK, class, what is it that I always say?  All together now….

If it’s worth your time, it’s worth framing properly.

So, until next time.  Peace and all good things,


lizzie kate


How High’s the Water, Mama? Three Feet High and Risin’!

Happy end of June, everyone!

I am really showing my country roots and age with the heading of this blog!   For those of you unfamiliar with this lyric, it was a song recorded by Johnny Cash and June Carter back in the sixties.  I was a mere child (I really was!) and my dad loved Johnny Cash so I was exposed to this genre of music from a very early age.  It somehow came flooding (no pun intended!) to the front of my mind due to the extreme weather conditions lately.

Summer is here and I believe the monsoon season is upon us. Rain, rain, and more rain.  In our area, we are 5″ above the ‘normal’ (whatever that is!) rainfall for June.  So, I have been remiss in stitching and in posting.  Having a finished lower level (read: basement) and having suffered from water backup three times previously, my time has been spent running up and down the steps to make sure that the water is staying outside.  If nothing else, my legs are getting a good workout.  The good news is, NO WATER!  YET!

So, in between trips to check on the water level, I did manage to complete a small finish.  This chart was posted by me a while back as a freebie from The Primitive Hare.  She had suggested completing it in either dark reds or navy blues.  The reds go better with my decor.  love never fails

I found a little metal tag with the word ‘Love’ imprinted on it and sewed it above the words.  I think the tab was supposed to be used in a scrapbooking project, something I gave up LONG ago. I have placed this little pillow tuck in my window and love it.  It you want to look for the pattern, scroll back through the archives of my blogs, and the pattern will be there.  🙂

I have one-third of my ‘Mystery Sampler’ completed.  What fun it is!   I mentioned in my last blog, that if you haven’t participated in one of these yet, I really do encourage you to give it a shot!

With the Fourth of July upon us, I thought it would be appropriate to offer a couple patriotic freebies.  I’ve included a nautical themed one for our coastal stitching friends or ‘just because’.  Now, remember, I blogged about adding some pizzazz in the form of beading to your work?  These small projects may be just the right sized projects for you to give it a try.  In the Liberty chart below, I would suggest adding some beading to the ‘dot’ in the i.  Just a little.  See how you like it.

Liberty 001

Freedom 001

Remember to right click on the charts, click on copy, then paste into another window where you can resize the chart to meet your needs.

Have a safe Fourth of July, and, remember, if you love your freedom, thank a veteran.  Until next time.

Peace and all good things.


The Princess and the Peddler


The Fair Maid Who the First of May Goes to the Fields at Break of Day…..

Good day, fellow stitchers (and aspiring stitchers)!

I stumbled across this beautiful free cross-stitch pattern, designed and donated  graciously by With Thy Needle and Thread, It reminded me so much of summer that I wanted to share it with you.  The title of the pattern is May Day Sampler.

I will be starting the design on Wednesday.    may+day+sampler+2

I have a project that I adore that I am in the process of finishing now. I don’t normally like to have too many needlework projects going at once.  For me, it seems that NOTHING ever gets completed when I do have too many irons in the fire.

Here is the file for the free chart:  You will need to highlight the link below.  Right click on ‘Save link as’, then save file as : May Day Sampler on your computer. Locate the file, then click on it and resize it to about 50%. Print and start stitching!

may day sampler-1

I have some WONDERFUL primitive patterns in the works.  The theme of my patterns are mostly autumn and winter based, with a few Valentine’s Day thrown in for good measure.  Be sure to check back often to see when they are available for purchase. The patterns will all be e-patterns to expedite the receipt of your purchase.  If you are anything like me, you want them as fast as you can get them, and I don’t think you can get any faster than downloading them instantly after payment.  🙂

Have you ever heard of a Mystery Sampler?  This is a really neat idea for those of us who like surprises.  This is a series of patterns (usually at least 3) that are released one by one, spread over a period of time.  So, the finished product is a ‘mystery’ until you receive all the patterns. The first pattern will tell you how big your fabric should be so you have plenty to finish all the pieces of the ‘mystery’.   I have my first pattern to start and I do know that it is a Christmas themed series. I can’t wait to see the rest of the patterns. If you haven’t tried a Mystery Sampler, give it a shot.  I think you will find it intriguing.

Until next time, and, as always, be kind to each other.

Peace and All Good Things.


The Princess and the Peddler


To Bead or Not to Bead….That is the Question….

Hi folks.  Hope you are enjoying your summer.

I am going to venture into a different area of stitchery today. As my followers know,   I usually stick to primitive needlework projects, but I do love the elegant look of projects with beading on them.  If you haven’t tried beading, it does require a little patience and practice.  The dimensional addition of  beads to any project is worth the extra time it takes to complete.  The beads I prefer to work with are glass beads and they come in many different colors and sizes.  A great source for all types of beads is Mill Hollow Beads.  Their website is http://www.millhillbeads.com.  Now, if you would prefer a kit that includes all your floss, the fabric or perforated paper (yes, I wrote PAPER), and coordinating beads there is this fabulous online store called 123stitch.com.  Their prices and shipping are extremely reasonable and I receive my products in a very short time after placing my order.  They carry a complete line of kits with beading.  Most of them are Mill Hill Brands.

So, I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, and check out a beaded project.  This is one that I thought was just beautiful.  Perhaps it will inspire you.    blog header idea a

Until next time.  Be kind to each other.

Peace and all good things.


The Princess and the Peddler


40 Count Linen??? I’m BLIND!!

HI  y’all.  I have been working on an order for a customer who requested the design be stitched on 40 (yes, I wrote 40) count linen.  For those of you who may not be familiar with working on linen, this means that there are 40 threads to an inch of fabric. Now, I’ve worked on linen for years but never 40 count.  So, I bravely purchased the material, sat down in my sewing chair, turned on every light that I possibly could so the area would be as bright as possible.  And I began…stitch, stitch, stitch, oh wait a minute, that doesn’t look right, rip, rip, rip…Start over.  And so goes my project on 40 count linen.  It has been a slow go, but I have to admit that I do like the look of it.  It is very prim looking, especially since only one thread of floss is being used.  I’m not sure that I would agree to make a project on 40 count again because it is very time consuming.  I would make something for myself, but not as an order.  😉

So, what are YOU working on?  I’m not a big fan of summer themed stitches.  I lean more toward fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, winter and Christmas.  If I start now, I may have something stitched for all the girls in my family.  That’s the plan anyway. I found some absolutely lovely formal Christmas themed stitches that I really want to make for one of my daughters-in-law.  I have to make that a priority.  There is nothing prim about it, but she isn’t really the prim type anyway.  So, I have a full plate, for sure.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Take a moment this Memorial Day to remember those who have gone before you, especially our service men and women. If you love your freedom, thank a veteran.

Until next time.

Be kind to each other.


The Princess and the Peddler


MORE Organizing?? But MOM!!!!

Hi everyone.  I’ve been blogging about being organized when working on needle art projects.  I stumbled across the most beautiful needle keep EVER (in my very humble opinion).  Now as you know, I am usually drawn to prim designs but this caught my eye and immediately ‘spoke to me’.

lace needlebook. Isn’t it the most beautiful needle book you have ever seen?

I love everything about it…the lace, the vintage feel….everything.

Little known fact:  did you know that needle keeps are also called ‘huswif’.  You can buy patterns to make your own on Etsy as well as huswifs that are ready-made.  My idea is to use vintage handkerchiefs and incorporate them into my huswif.  I will be sure to post a picture when I finish it.

This post will be short this time because of the holiday.  So, until next time, and, as always, be kind to each other.

Peace and all good things.


The Princess and the Peddler