April Showers or are those Snow showers??

Hi there, stitchers.   I’m sitting here wrapped in an old quilt and dreaming of spring flowers.  My goodness, the absence of Spring 2018 has pushed my stitching thoughts to fall/Halloween.  I just can’t seem to get into ‘Spring themed’ stitching when we are having snow still.

It’s been a few months since I’ve updated the blog, so just to catch you up.  We are now offering the service to add a threadpack to any pattern.  We realize that many of you aren’t close to a LNS and if this can help you out, we are happy to do it.

We have added some really cute Mill Hill Beads and Buttons kits.  If you haven’t tried counted cross stitch on perforated paper with glass bead embellishments, then this may be the inspiration you need.  These kits have absolutely everything you need to finsih your project except for the frame, which is sold separately.  I love Halloween themed Mill Hill kits and some of them have ‘glow in the dark’ threads.  How fun will that be for your kids or grandkids?

Midnight Glow               Wanda’s Wands         Enchanted Pumpkin

I also made a ‘Princess Proclamation’ that ALL of us stitchers should have this chart hanging in our home.  I have listed it on our website as the pattern only and also the option of purchasing it as a ‘kit’ that includes the pattern, 30 ct creme brulee linen, and Classic Colorworks hand dyed threads.   This is called ‘Home of a Needleworker too’.

Home of a Needleworker

I told you that I was thinking of fall for my stitching.  I brought in some new Fall/Halloween patterns that are flying off the shelves, so I guess I’m not the only one in a ‘Fall’ frame of mind.  LOL.  I love these prim designs by The Humble Stitcher.  These can be found on our website under the ‘All’ or ‘Halloween’ category.

Trick or Treat – Two Witches                      Pumpkin Patch

And, of course, Pumpkin Farm, which is new from Thistles.  The colors are just glorious.

Pumpkin Farm

We offer not only counted cross stitch patterns, but also punch needle  and quilt/applique patterns. Our main focus will always be counted cross stitch but I know many of you also are interested in other fiber arts.  I just listed this evening a really beautiful quilt/applique pattern called ‘September Sun’.  It has 4 blocks of pieced stars and then a crow and sunflower are either hand or machine appliqued onto to the base block.   Basic sewing skills are all that are required to complete this pillow.  You could also get creative and make it into a tablerunner, or whatever your heart desires.  Been thinking about it?  Give this one a try.  It really is adorable.

September Sun

With the Nashville Market over, we have added over 40 patterns from the show. I wish we could add them all!  So many talented designers working their hardest to keep this great craft relevant.    We added to our website a new category called ‘Nashville 2018’.  This category has all the patterns that were showcased in Nashville that we have brought in for you.  Just go to ‘Shop Online’ and select ‘Nashville 2018’.

By now, most of you have probably heard that Lizzie Kate is retiring. We have many of their patterns in stock.  The Tingles series has been extremely popular and the milk chocolate linen is perfect to stitch this one on!


Please take some time to check out our website – we’ve partnered with some new designers and we hope you will be pleased with our selections.  We continue to work to bring you the latest patterns from some of the most talented designers.  If you would like to make suggestions of a particular product line or series, please just email me or use the ‘Contact Us’ form on the website.

The Princess & the Peddler website

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Until next time,


The Princess & the Peddler


Eat. Sleep. Stitch…

As I look out the window to my 5 (yes, FIVE) bird feeders, I see that spring really has FINALLY arrived.  I had a male and female Gold Finch on a feeder at the same time.  Now, if I can only keep those dang blackbirds from eating all their food.  I am totally open to suggestions if anyone out there has any ideas.

So, on to more FUN things….STITCHING!  We had a fun give-away this month and plan on having more, with some really nice things that I think you’ll like.  I already know what we will offer for the next give-away so stay tuned.  (Oh, the suspense!!  LOL)

I had written in Princess Proclamations, our newsletter, that I was considering a 2-3 day retreat next summer on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie.  I know you all are from ALL OVER the country and a few are international visitors.  If you need more information, here’s what I was tentatively planning:

  • Negotiate a ‘discount’ for attendees at the two bed and breakfast inns.
  • A stitch-a-long where we all work on the same project for an afternoon
  • Ask a relatively local designer to attend and offer a special design just for attendees.
    • He/She could bring their designs to see at retreat discounted rates
  • A Finishing Tutorial
  • AND other ‘yet to be determined’ fun things.

This is where I would like to have the retreat.  So, think about it.  Cost will depend on how may participants we have.


Let’s see, what else?  Oh, yeah!  We are now carrying Valdani threads that are absolutely gorgeous.  If you haven’t worked with them yet, you should consider giving them a try.  They are hand-dyed, gorgeous threads, available in 3 or 6 strands.  I currently only sell the ‘collections’ that are 12 balls of coordinated colors.  Check out our website to see the collections available.valdani

We received LOTS of new patterns in from the Nashville Market and have set up auto-ship clubs for those charts that are a series.  The next release is shipped to those who have signed up as soon as it is available from our distributors.  I offer a discount on the patterns and shipping for those who sign up for the auto-ship club.  If you missed signing up, just send me a note through the ‘Contact Us’ form on our website and let me know the series you would like.  You can find the series that are available on our website also.

Do you remember the French Market linen that we designed here at The Princess & the Peddler?  (I still just love this fabric!)french-market

WELL, the Peddler and I are in the process of hand-dying our own line of embroidery floss!  Yep, it’s happening!  We will be offering this floss in collections of 5 coordinated skeins at a VERY reasonable price. Trust us.  You will be in love with the colors, and more importantly, the price!  So, I feel like a mad scientist in the lah-bor-a-tory 🙂 .  No more $2.40 for a skein of hand dyed floss.  And I wonder why I don’t have time to stitch like I used to.  Ha Ha!

I did manage to complete this gift for my daughter whose birthday is in May.  I hope she’ll like it.  I want to make something similar for other members of  the family.


I have been watching lots of tutorials on finishing, not my strongest strength.  Although the box I made for my daughter turned out well.    I want to improve my finishing skills for ornaments.  My goal is to eventually have all my Christmas ornaments on my tree stitched.  I have seen some of the photos that some of you have posted with small trees covered with stitched ornaments and I LOVE them.  The good thing is that they are relatively small projects.  Are you all familiar with Mill Hill beaded kits?  The ones that I want to put on my tree are stitched on perforated paper.  If you haven’t tried stitching on perforated paper, you should try it. There are lots of kits that aren’t terribly expensive so you can try it and not have a lot of money invested.  This is one of the Santas that I am going to stitch for my tree this year.  I purchased 3 different Santa designs.  I normally am not a big ‘Santa’ fan for my tree,  but these guys kind of spoke to  me.


I’d love to hear what you’re working on.  We can inspire each other!

Until next time, be kind to each other.


The Princess & the Peddler

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January’s Monthly Musing

Hello, dear friends.

What a cold, snowy blustery day here on the north coast of Ohio.  Lake Erie has thawed so we are potential victims of the dreaded ‘lake effect snow’.  I fed my birds, and am now ready to sit down to some serious stitching.


Well, one month under my belt, and lots and lots to go.  The kick-off of the Princess’s website was an overwhelming success.  And I thank each and every one of you!  You are making my dream come true.  When there are so many places to choose from for your needlework inspiration, I am humbled that you chose us.

I have been busy researching new vendors for products to offer you products that are different, unique.  And I have been having so much fun!  Oh, my goodness.  I want one of this, one of that, oh, and can I have 6 of these??  LOL.  All this shopping is one of the reasons that my own needlework projects are not coming along as in the past.  But that’s OK!    I’m currently working on Santa’s Village by Country Cottage Needleworks.  I am making a commitment to myself to finish one cottage every week. I did actually finish the second cottage last evening but don’t have a picture yet.


We received some lovely fabrics this week.  I have a special project planned for my own piece of Boleyn fabric and will  be sure to share it with you when I have it completed.  (The Boleyn fabric is the one with the soft printing on it).  I hope my finish inspires you!


If you haven’t worked on gingham check fabric, it gives your piece a very different look and I REALLY love it.  Here’s a picture of ‘Be of Good Cheer’ that I am working on. Isn’t the khaki gingham too cute?  The fabric and pattern are both available on the website.  The gingham is available in Khaki and Straw, both would be great for so many of your projects.  Give it a try!


OH!  The UPS guy was just here.  EVEN MORE patterns.  I think I’m going to have to make him some cookies or something since we are becoming so well acquainted.  🙂  I will be posting these new patterns on the website next week so be sure to check it often.

This is one of my FAVORITE new patterns that came in today and will be posted to the website next week.  It’s called ‘BRRRRRR’ and has an adorable button pack that is available for purchase, just in case you want to finish it as shown on the pattern.  How cute is this and not so big as to be overwhelming.  Should be a quick stitch.


Time to start the fire and grab my stitching.

Be kind to each other.


The Princess & the Peddler




No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow…

Welcome, Spring.

In just a few short weeks, winter will be behind us and we can enjoy the flowers blooming, birds singing, sunlit days, and perhaps a change in what we stitch.  Maybe something a little lighter, perhaps?

I am ready to start some smaller projects such as pinkeeps, pillow tucks and the like.  I don’t want to commit to a big project when summer is such a busy time for my family.

I am almost finished with my Christmas projects and will take all three to be framed at the same time.  Oh, wait.  There’s four.  So, if I don’t stitch anything else between now and Christmas, I have enough stitched gifts for those who I enjoy making gifts.  Hopefully, I can make more, but at least the pressure is off.  🙂

I found this  lovely spring themed stitchery that I would love to share with you, generously gifted by e-subrosa.  I love just about anything with bunnies and plan on stitching this one, also.  I will post a picture when I have it finished.  I’d love to see your finishes, too.  It’s always fun to see others interpretation of the same design, their choice of fabric, threads, and finishing technique. I hope you enjoy this pattern. It’s not so big as to be overwhelming. I picture it as a lovely pinkeep in a pretty basket but let your imagination run wild! (well, as wild as a counted cross stitch pattern with bunnies on it can be.  Ha! ha!)

Remember, right click, copy, and then paste into another screen  with the program open that you want to use to print your pattern.

welcome spring


Oh, and I don’t want to forget about St. Patrick’s Day when we all are a little bit Irish.  I am happy to claim being of Irish heritage.


st patricks day







And I will leave you this time with this Irish blessing:

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Until next time, be kind to each other.








Snowflakes spill from heaven’s hand, lovely and chaste like snow white sand….

Welcome, dear stitchers.  I am so glad you stopped by today.  I have what I believe to be an extra special free pattern for you.  But let’s get to some housekeeping first.

Soooo, have you been stitching at least weekly?  What are your projects?  I would love to hear about them, and even SEE pictures of them .  This is my latest project.  I believe I mentioned in an earlier post that I am working on Christmas projects so as to not be totally panicked when the holiday approaches and I’m not finished.You stitchers know what I mean.  It can be be just a little stressful!  You think??   The wrinkles you see are from the hoop I use and these will press out by ironing on the wrong side of the fabric when my project is complete.

HINT:  To avoid pesky fold lines in your fabric, when you take your work off the hoop, roll it into a tube instead of folding it.   Fold lines are a little more difficult to iron out.


Does this inspire you to pick up your needle?  I truly hope so.

Since we are in the throes of yet another polar vortex (seriously, I feel as if I have moved to Siberia.  ENOUGH, already!), I thought that today’s free chart should be snow related.  I found this adorable needlework project, courtesy of Patrick’s Woods.  THANK YOU, Patrick’s Woods.  It is truly lovely.

finished bag

Now this pattern can be just stitched and framed or finished as pictured above and used as a lovely sewing bag.

The model is stitched on 35 count linen and uses 1 strand of floss. The finished design size is 6″ x 2.75″.  If you choose to make it into a sewing bag, the designer ironed (or sewed) interface lining to the back of the stitched piece. Cut a piece of black wool the size of your stitching, adding an extra 1/4″ to the bottom and and extra 1.5″ to the top, if you are going to add the scallops.  Press 1/8″ of the top under and sew.   Now, turn right sides together and sew the sides and bottom, being sure to leave the extra 1/4″ on the bottom free. When you turn the right side out, you should have the 1/4″ wool showing at the bottom.  Using decorative scissors,cut across the wool.  Making a template for however you choose to finish the top (scallops or other design), pin the template and cut. Embellish how you like.  Voila!  Beautiful!

Here’s the chart for the design.Use the threads of your choice.**

chart bag

This would be lovely as a pinkeep also.

**The year on this is 2013.  You may want to change it to a ‘6’ that will be really easy.

I hope you enjoy today’s post and remember, let me know what you are working on!  Stay tuned for more primitive stitching inspirations or just an escape from your day to day duties.

Be kind to each other.




My Heart for You, My Valentine True….

Ahhhh, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Our family doesn’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day as a holiday, but more of a ‘hey, I just want to tell you that I love you’ kind of thing.  It is kind of nice, though, to have an excuse to dress up in something red and sparkly and go to dinner with your significant other and family, especially in the middle of winter.

I have been voraciously stitching on a Christmas (yes, you read that correctly) project since the first of the year.  I’m trying to prevent the inevitable problem of having more stitching than time to finish a project at the holidays.   I see so many lovely spring and fall projects that I reach for, then remind myself to look at the pile of patterns in my sewing basket that have been earmarked for this person or that person, and make myself put them down.  It is a challenge for me, for sure.  I love looking at all the beautiful creations of these talented artists and just feel ‘called’ to start stitching every one of them.  Perhaps I’m under some kind of spell.  Oh, wait, that’s for Halloween!  🙂

I’ve found a small Valentine’s Day stitch that I believe you will enjoy.  I picture it on a 28 ct tea dyed linen  with a gorgeous Valdani red thread,  but stitch it in the manner that speaks to you.


be my valentine

So, dear stitchers, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Be kind to each other.  Until next time.




The Weather Outside Is Frightful…


It’s a PERFECT day to stay inside and work on your latest needlework project.  It is ridiculously cold outside today.  Wind chills of -17 degrees.  I really don’t remember moving to the arctic.  🙂   I took a shower, put on clean jammies, made a cup of tea, lit a fire,  grabbed  my latest stitching project (picture above), and will not move for the rest of the day!

Today’s blog will be short and sweet.  I’m including a free chart that would make an adorable pinkeep and just seemed appropriate for today.

skate chart

The design was donated by a German designer Krissy Cross (what an adorable name!) .

Another design donated by Krissy is this small Valentine themed stitch, for those of you

who are ready to start Valentine projects.  Hope you enjoy the charts.


Stay warm and remember, be kind to each other.

Peace and all good things.