January’s Monthly Musing

Hello, dear friends.

What a cold, snowy blustery day here on the north coast of Ohio.  Lake Erie has thawed so we are potential victims of the dreaded ‘lake effect snow’.  I fed my birds, and am now ready to sit down to some serious stitching.


Well, one month under my belt, and lots and lots to go.  The kick-off of the Princess’s website was an overwhelming success.  And I thank each and every one of you!  You are making my dream come true.  When there are so many places to choose from for your needlework inspiration, I am humbled that you chose us.

I have been busy researching new vendors for products to offer you products that are different, unique.  And I have been having so much fun!  Oh, my goodness.  I want one of this, one of that, oh, and can I have 6 of these??  LOL.  All this shopping is one of the reasons that my own needlework projects are not coming along as in the past.  But that’s OK!    I’m currently working on Santa’s Village by Country Cottage Needleworks.  I am making a commitment to myself to finish one cottage every week. I did actually finish the second cottage last evening but don’t have a picture yet.


We received some lovely fabrics this week.  I have a special project planned for my own piece of Boleyn fabric and will  be sure to share it with you when I have it completed.  (The Boleyn fabric is the one with the soft printing on it).  I hope my finish inspires you!


If you haven’t worked on gingham check fabric, it gives your piece a very different look and I REALLY love it.  Here’s a picture of ‘Be of Good Cheer’ that I am working on. Isn’t the khaki gingham too cute?  The fabric and pattern are both available on the website.  The gingham is available in Khaki and Straw, both would be great for so many of your projects.  Give it a try!


OH!  The UPS guy was just here.  EVEN MORE patterns.  I think I’m going to have to make him some cookies or something since we are becoming so well acquainted.  🙂  I will be posting these new patterns on the website next week so be sure to check it often.

This is one of my FAVORITE new patterns that came in today and will be posted to the website next week.  It’s called ‘BRRRRRR’ and has an adorable button pack that is available for purchase, just in case you want to finish it as shown on the pattern.  How cute is this and not so big as to be overwhelming.  Should be a quick stitch.


Time to start the fire and grab my stitching.

Be kind to each other.


The Princess & the Peddler




Monthly Musings….

Happy New Year, my sweet stitching friends.

I am so excited to think  about what the New Year will bring.  Now that the website is ‘officially’ launched,  I will be able to concentrate on reaching out to more of you, to inspire, encourage, and provide you with the most current needlework charts available.

Check the site often in January for some ‘new’ products  that I am pretty excited about.   There will be patterns as well as stitching linens that will be unique.

March will bring the Nashville show that designers are always thrilled to attend to display their new projects.  I will certainly be attending to see what great patterns they’ve created for us.  Besides, I have never been to Nashville and this is a great opportunity to hear some great music and check out some new, wonderful, unique cross stitch patterns, two of my favorite things to do. Wouldn’t it be way cool if in 2018 I was not only a buyer but a designer as well at the Nashville show.  Dream big, right?  So many ideas, so little time. I already have begun my first design but will be honest with you, the software is not very ‘user friendly.’ I have it designed on paper, but now to get it in a form that makes sense to you all…therein lies the challenge.:-)

So, in my mind, 2017 is going to be SUPERB! And I hope you agree.

Check out the Princess’s website, if you haven’t already.  AND for special notices of new products, sales, and free charts, please sign up for the newsletter, Princess Proclamations.

The Princess & The Peddler website

I will be updating this blog monthly and my FB page often.

Peace and all good things.


The Princess & The Peddler




Don’t Miss Out!

Thank you all for the great ‘kick-off’ of my online retail store.  It is truly overwhelming.

If you haven’t already signed up for the newsletter, make sure you do.  I will be offering a

free counted cross stitch pattern that will only be available through the newsletter.

I am keeping this very short because Christmas is right around the corner and we are all

extremely busy…

May the peace of this Holy Season be upon you and yours.



PS   (Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter.  )


Merry Christmas, my friends

I feel so connected to you all, sharing our common love for hand work, especially counted cross stitch.  It’s at this time of year that we take a moment to reflect on our blessings and I consider myself blessed to be able to do what I truly love to do.  The Princess and the Peddler had been a long time coming and I can actually see it just around the corner.  Tuesday, actually.

As my thanks to all of you, here’s a little something that I hope you enjoy, courtesy of The Primitive Hare.

Peace and all good things.




It’s Here, It’s Here!!

Well, someone once said, good things come to those who wait.  I’ve been waiting, and waiting, …..and waiting.

And at long last, December 20th will be our first day of going LIVE with our online retail store. We are offering patterns for prim and vintage counted cross stitch patterns, wool applique, rag quilts, kits, and the list goes on. Additionally, we will be offering tutorials, articles, tips, stitch-a-longs, clubs. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter and be some of the first to know about what’s happening at the ‘castle’.  LOL.

I need to keep this post short because I’m getting ready for the ‘grand opening’.  I do want to wish you all a blessed holiday season and very, very happy new year!

Oh, I almost forgot.  Here’s my gift to you.  Remember, right click, then print.


See you soon, my friends.


Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile

Hello, my lovely stitching friends.  I hope your summer has been wonderful.  Ours has been abnormally hot, but our weatherman has assured us that today is the last 90 degree day that we will have for the year.  Hopefully, he’s right. We celebrated the first day of Fall (Labor Day) with a cook-out at my youngest son and  his fiance’s house.  Wonderful time.  As y’all probably know by know, Autumn is my favorite time of year, AND especially Halloween.

Here’s another free Halloween pattern graciously donated by The Nebby Needle.  (In case you’re wondering, in the southwest corner of Pennsylvania, the word ‘nebby’ means ‘nosey’.  I never knew that until I met my husband who was born in Pittsburgh.)


Remember, open another window on your PC, right click, copy and paste. (Most programs will let you resize it if you need a bigger chart). This would make a darling little pillow or pinkeep .  It’s a quick stitch and so whimsical.  Don’t you just love the little pumpkins  in the corners?

I’m working on a quilt that I think is going to turn out really cute.  I used to quilt ALL the time, but then got hooked on primitive cross stitch.  I saw this pattern and fell in love with it.  Here’s a picture of the pattern finished by a friend.  What do you think?


I must run.  This has been a busy, busy week.  I hope you like the chart.

Peace and all good things.






Autumn is a second spring; where every leaf is a flower….




The heading of today’s blog pretty much sums up how I feel about Autumn.  It is without doubt my favorite time of year.   The beautiful colors, the crunchy leaves, the cool nights, the bonfires, the  hayrides, Halloween, and the list goes on.

Halloween happens to be one of my favorite themed stitching projects. It can be either very elaborate or very simple using only one color.  Whichever you choose,  it’s bound to be fun.  To give you plenty of time to get your Halloween project completed, I’m posting TWO charts for you.  Stitch one, stitch them both, whatever you choose, have FUN!


Happy Halloween

Will catch up with you soon.  In the meantime, be kind to each other.

The Princess and the Peddler


******SORRY****** One of the charts that I posted was NOT a freebie.  I pulled it from a site that had incorrectly had it listed as a free pattern.   I have removed it out of respect for the designer. *******