A Belated Happy New Year

Happy New Year, friends, albeit a little late.  I decided to check our blog to see just how long it has been since I’ve posted…..I had no idea that it had been months and months.  Where DOES the time go?  So, I have made a commitment  to do a much better job of keeping my blog current.  🙂

Much has happened since July.  Probably the most exciting thing for us is that we are closer than ever to having our own line of patterns published.  The models are being stitched as I write.  Then off to the distributors they go!

We have also expanded our vendors and as a result have access to even more designers.  This means that we can offer you the latest patterns from a greater variety of artist.  How exciting for all of us!  I love shopping for you all.  It’s one of my favorite parts of owning The Princess & the Peddler.

If you haven’t visited our website lately, you may want to grab a cup of tea, and browse a bit.  We’ve added quite a few new designers, as well as some new fabric.  We hope you like we brought in for you.  Are you looking for something in particular but can’t find it on our site?  Just send me an email and I’ll do our best to bring it in for you:  info@princessandthepeddler.com

What have you all been working on?  I’ve got a couple things going at the same time, as usual.  I’m working on Thanksgiving Fairy by Mirabella.  It’s not a prim stitch by any stretch of the imagination but it’s a beautiful piece that has Mill Hill beads to embellish it. The colors are really stunning.   Here’s a pic of the finished piece.  I’m probably a little more than half way finished with mine.  I also have the Halloween Fairy chart in my stash.  She’s adorable also. Every once in a while I like to stitch something a little ‘different’, do you?


I’m also finishing up a really beautiful sampler called Winifred Glarke.  We carry it in our shop.  The colors are just beautiful.  This one will be finished easily in just a couple of days if I just focus on one pattern.  That, my friends, is a big IF.

winifred glarke

I taught myself to knit a few years ago and have just been knitting scarves, hats, pretty easy things  like that.  Well, I accepted a challenge to knit one pair of socks a month.  Keep in mind, I’ve never knitted a pair of socks in my life!  Thank heaven for Youtube videos!  I have one sock 80% done and have to say that I’m pretty pleased with the end result.  I got to say, knitting a heel is probably one of the toughest things I’ve ever taught myself to do!  Geez!

Oh, I did try some punch needle  over the Christmas holiday and have discovered that it isn’t for me.  Surprised myself, actually.  I thought I was going to really love it but come to find out, it really isn’t my thing.  I know, right?    I just assumed I was going to love it, and I really can’t even say what it is that I don’t like about doing it.  I do LOVE the look of a finished punch needle project, just don’t like punching.  🙂

Nashville Market is around the corner in March.  What a fun time for all of us shop owners.  This is the time of year when many designers release their new patterns for the year.   We should have lots of new designs for you in a few months, so get those WIPs done so you can start something new!

OK, I’ve got to work on some of my WIPS so I can stitch something new soon.

Take care and  be kind to each other,


The Princess & the Peddler




Keep your face to the sun and you will never see your shadow…that’s what sunflowers do – Helen Keller

Sunflowers are one of the first things that come to my mind when I think of summer.   My husband and I are putting up a split rail fence later this summer and I can already picture a lovely row of sunflowers in front of it.

Speaking of sunflowers, we have brought in some really lovely summer/sunflower themed patterns for you.


We’ve joined the world of the ‘bundle’.  We are offering some designer series as a bundle, meaning that all the monthly releases are available from us at once as an entire series.  This will ensure you have all the patterns you need to create your own treasure.  These are available after the monthly releases are completed.  And here is the best news of all – we offer these bundles at 20% off the individual retail prices.  Who doesn’t love a deal, right?  We’ve had such great response that we will be adding more bundles as they become available but here are some that we have on our website now.  Look under the ‘What’s New’ or ‘Counted Cross Stitch Full Series’.

              2015 Ornament Series

Santa’s Village

santas village

I stumbled across this information today and thought I’d share:  Needle work  is a gentle pastime of the older generations that was on the brink of becoming a thing of the past. But needlework and cross-stitching classes have made a surprise comeback among 18 to 35-year-olds.  Rising sales of sewing machines and cross-stitch patterns and kits are now driven by a new generation of home craft lovers.

According to Polly Leonard of Selvedge Magazine, “Making is part of being human, yet as a society we are suffering from the effect of increased screen time and the lack of real fulfillment that often accompanies that. Most needlecrafts are fairly accessible and require only basic skills and minimal outlay to achieve very rewarding results.

“The rhythmic, repetitive moments necessary to knit, cross stitch, embroider, sew or crochet are proven to have therapeutic benefits and improve mental health and emotional wellbeing, increasing serotonin production and inducing a natural state of mindfulness. People are intoxicated by their phones and computers these days and want to take a break and do something with their hands.”

That’s wonderful news for someone like me who has had a lifelong love of needle arts.   And you all should be excited as well.  This means that you should have an increased supply of wonderful charts from which to choose for your next heirloom.   So, tell your friends to put down their cellphones and release some stress while creating something beautiful at the same time.

I would love to be able to gather some of you all together for classes  – just think how much fun it could be!   I haven’t given up on the idea, yet, just moving it to the back burner for a bit.
BUT… I am putting together a SAL.  What, you ask?

SAL is short for Stitch Along and it not only is a great way to meet new people but you get a great project out of the event.  Each month, a new pattern will be mailed to all registered participants, along with floss (if requested) and fabric (also if requested).  Often there is a theme, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. but you will not know what you are stitching until the pattern is received.  The Stitch-A-Longs can last for 3 months up to a year.  I’m sure I will keep this first SAL to three months just to see how you like it.

By controlling the release of the patterns,  we will all ‘stitch-a-long’ together.  You can’t jump ahead!  It really is a fun time!  I will set up a separate Facebook page for you all to post your progress, comment on your or other’s work, ask questions, and, most importantly, make more stitching friends!  So, watch for the announcement that registration is open!

It continues to be a very busy time here at the castle and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Thank you all for your continued support and making my dream come true.


Peace and all good things.


The Princess & the Peddler

(PS…If you missed the free pattern for the 4th of July,  you’ll find it on our Facebook page)




May Musings….

Hello, sweet friends.  Here at the castle, sparks are flying from my needles.  I am finishing a couple of larger projects that I have been working on for some time, leaving me to work on smaller projects through the summer.  Although it seems it’s the summer months when I begin thinking of stitched gifts for the holidays.  I guess I’ll just keep stitching regardless of the time of year.  But no complaints here.  As you know, stitching is in my blood.  🙂

I have been working on wedding plans, yes, my youngest is getting married.  I am so happy for him, he has found a wonderful young lady who loves him as much as he loves her.  But it is also a bittersweet time for me.   I just wonder where the years have gone.   Joshua is the youngest of my four children.  It truly does seem like only yesterday when he was in kindergarten.  This is one of my favorite pictures of him – he has always loved the outdoors and is an avid hunter and fisherman.  It’s too bad my father passed because he and Josh would have gotten along very well – Dad was quite the fisherman.


(He’ll kill me if he sees this, but I think there is little chance he will read my blog!)  I may not have any little ones of my own anymore, but I do have some grandbabies.  This is one of my favorite grandbaby pictures.  Look at those ‘kissin’ cheeks’.


It’s absolutely miserable here.  Rain, rain, and more rain and it’s is supposed to continue  through the weekend.  Makes good stitching weather, though.  I am almost finished with my Merry Christmas sampler and am simultaneously working on Tis the Season.  These are both by Blackbird Designs and are among my favorite designs.  I especially like the Merry Christmas sampler because of its non-traditional colors.  You can buy this chart on our website.  Tis the Season is out of print as a chart only but can by purchased in a book of patterns by Blackbird Designs.  Just email me if you are interested.  Email Princess and the Peddler

As soon as the wedding is over, the Peddler and I will be working on our own line of hand dyed, overdyed threads.  How cool is that?  Our plan is to divide these into ‘collections’, based on color family.  We are pretty excited.  Putting  pencil to paper shows that we should be able to sell these collections at a much more affordable price than some of the other hand-dyed threads.  Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned for progress reports.

You may have noticed that there is an extra ‘page’ added to our blog.  On our Home Page, you will see a page called ‘Kindred Spirits’.  This is where I have listed blogs that I follow.  Just click on the link and you’ll be taken straight to the blog.  If you have a blog you follow or would like your own blog listed, just email me and I’ll add it to our list.  I love reading what other stitchy folks are up to.

If you recall, I had put the idea out there if there was any interest in having a stitching retreat next summer.  I did receive some positive feedback but not enough to move forward with the retreat.  Maybe I’ll try again a little later.  I do, however, have some ideas of how we can do something together, without travel.  I’m leaning toward a Stitch-A-Long.  I can’t wait to see all the different finishes of the same pattern.  I’m always impressed with everyone’s creativity.  I’m sure I won’t roll this out until Autumn since summer is so busy for most folks.

If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter through our website, you should really think about it.  We offer coupons and sales that are not open to the general public.  So, don’t miss out!  (Shhhhhh, there’s a sale going on right now.  Check out the most recent newsletter to see how you can take advantage of the deals.  The newsletters are archived on the website.  If you can’t find them, just email me and I’ll point you in the right direction. )

Lastly, have you all seen the newest floss by Classic Colorworks?  They are absolutely scrumptious!  We sell these as a set ($6.95) and I’ll include a Little House Needleworks pattern designed specifically for these new flosses.  They are named Colonial Rose, Tea and Biscuits, and Secret Garden.

classic colorworks

The Princess & the Peddler

Alrighty, then, time to get some stitchin’ done.  I always love to read your comments.  Please feel free to leave your comments and to LIKE our blog.

Until next time, be kind to each other.


The Princess & the Peddler


Eat. Sleep. Stitch…

As I look out the window to my 5 (yes, FIVE) bird feeders, I see that spring really has FINALLY arrived.  I had a male and female Gold Finch on a feeder at the same time.  Now, if I can only keep those dang blackbirds from eating all their food.  I am totally open to suggestions if anyone out there has any ideas.

So, on to more FUN things….STITCHING!  We had a fun give-away this month and plan on having more, with some really nice things that I think you’ll like.  I already know what we will offer for the next give-away so stay tuned.  (Oh, the suspense!!  LOL)

I had written in Princess Proclamations, our newsletter, that I was considering a 2-3 day retreat next summer on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie.  I know you all are from ALL OVER the country and a few are international visitors.  If you need more information, here’s what I was tentatively planning:

  • Negotiate a ‘discount’ for attendees at the two bed and breakfast inns.
  • A stitch-a-long where we all work on the same project for an afternoon
  • Ask a relatively local designer to attend and offer a special design just for attendees.
    • He/She could bring their designs to see at retreat discounted rates
  • A Finishing Tutorial
  • AND other ‘yet to be determined’ fun things.

This is where I would like to have the retreat.  So, think about it.  Cost will depend on how may participants we have.


Let’s see, what else?  Oh, yeah!  We are now carrying Valdani threads that are absolutely gorgeous.  If you haven’t worked with them yet, you should consider giving them a try.  They are hand-dyed, gorgeous threads, available in 3 or 6 strands.  I currently only sell the ‘collections’ that are 12 balls of coordinated colors.  Check out our website to see the collections available.valdani

We received LOTS of new patterns in from the Nashville Market and have set up auto-ship clubs for those charts that are a series.  The next release is shipped to those who have signed up as soon as it is available from our distributors.  I offer a discount on the patterns and shipping for those who sign up for the auto-ship club.  If you missed signing up, just send me a note through the ‘Contact Us’ form on our website and let me know the series you would like.  You can find the series that are available on our website also.

Do you remember the French Market linen that we designed here at The Princess & the Peddler?  (I still just love this fabric!)french-market

WELL, the Peddler and I are in the process of hand-dying our own line of embroidery floss!  Yep, it’s happening!  We will be offering this floss in collections of 5 coordinated skeins at a VERY reasonable price. Trust us.  You will be in love with the colors, and more importantly, the price!  So, I feel like a mad scientist in the lah-bor-a-tory 🙂 .  No more $2.40 for a skein of hand dyed floss.  And I wonder why I don’t have time to stitch like I used to.  Ha Ha!

I did manage to complete this gift for my daughter whose birthday is in May.  I hope she’ll like it.  I want to make something similar for other members of  the family.


I have been watching lots of tutorials on finishing, not my strongest strength.  Although the box I made for my daughter turned out well.    I want to improve my finishing skills for ornaments.  My goal is to eventually have all my Christmas ornaments on my tree stitched.  I have seen some of the photos that some of you have posted with small trees covered with stitched ornaments and I LOVE them.  The good thing is that they are relatively small projects.  Are you all familiar with Mill Hill beaded kits?  The ones that I want to put on my tree are stitched on perforated paper.  If you haven’t tried stitching on perforated paper, you should try it. There are lots of kits that aren’t terribly expensive so you can try it and not have a lot of money invested.  This is one of the Santas that I am going to stitch for my tree this year.  I purchased 3 different Santa designs.  I normally am not a big ‘Santa’ fan for my tree,  but these guys kind of spoke to  me.


I’d love to hear what you’re working on.  We can inspire each other!

Until next time, be kind to each other.


The Princess & the Peddler

Click here to view our website,







February Musings….

Hello, friends of The Princess & the Peddler.  I hope February has been a good stitching month for you. We have been having such a mild winter that the spring flowers are bursting through the cold ground. Won’t be long now!

I’ve been working on Garden Fair by Blackbird Designs.  I’m loving the beautiful over-dyed floss and even have  been thinking about dying our own line of floss.   I think I should put it off until I can be outside and keep the mess out of my kitchen.  So what do you think?  Like the threads?  I have even bought the wooden box to finish this as a keepsake box.  It has a little metal clasp to keep all your treasures safe.


Since our last ‘musing’, we have been busy designing our own line of printed linen and we just love it as well as our customers. We have named it ‘French Market’.  If you haven’t checked it out on our site, you really should take a minute to do so.  It’s a great alternative to standard linen.  We love it!


We also picked up these wonderful ‘needle minders’.  They are also going to be at the Nashville Market this weekend but I got an order in early!   The patterns are from some of your favorite designers, Little House Needleworks, Blackbird Designs, Lizzie Kate, and the list goes on.  These make a great gift if you need something for a stitcher friend.


The next thing I want to show you is these tarts by Blackbird Designs.  Aren’t they adorable?  I brought in 8 different tart patterns and can’t decide which I like the most! They are so darn cute and won’t take a huge time commitment to complete. To see all 8 patterns, check them out of the website.  Oh, and we do offer the tart pans to finish as the designer did. We think you’re going to love them!

16-1008            15-2122

And lastly, we’re running a sale to make room for all the new patterns that will be available after this weekend.  The Nashville Market begins Friday and runs through the weekend.  There will be 130 vendors, mostly designers, that will be offering you the most current designs.  I can’t wait!   If you want to take advantage of this sale, just enter this code NASHVILLE at checkout.  We currently are offering over 200 products and can easily bring in 200 more but I just don’t have the room!  HELP!

So, lots of fun things coming down the road.  We hope you check us out often to see what’s happening at the castle.

Happy Stitching!


The Princess & the Peddler website




January’s Monthly Musing

Hello, dear friends.

What a cold, snowy blustery day here on the north coast of Ohio.  Lake Erie has thawed so we are potential victims of the dreaded ‘lake effect snow’.  I fed my birds, and am now ready to sit down to some serious stitching.


Well, one month under my belt, and lots and lots to go.  The kick-off of the Princess’s website was an overwhelming success.  And I thank each and every one of you!  You are making my dream come true.  When there are so many places to choose from for your needlework inspiration, I am humbled that you chose us.

I have been busy researching new vendors for products to offer you products that are different, unique.  And I have been having so much fun!  Oh, my goodness.  I want one of this, one of that, oh, and can I have 6 of these??  LOL.  All this shopping is one of the reasons that my own needlework projects are not coming along as in the past.  But that’s OK!    I’m currently working on Santa’s Village by Country Cottage Needleworks.  I am making a commitment to myself to finish one cottage every week. I did actually finish the second cottage last evening but don’t have a picture yet.


We received some lovely fabrics this week.  I have a special project planned for my own piece of Boleyn fabric and will  be sure to share it with you when I have it completed.  (The Boleyn fabric is the one with the soft printing on it).  I hope my finish inspires you!


If you haven’t worked on gingham check fabric, it gives your piece a very different look and I REALLY love it.  Here’s a picture of ‘Be of Good Cheer’ that I am working on. Isn’t the khaki gingham too cute?  The fabric and pattern are both available on the website.  The gingham is available in Khaki and Straw, both would be great for so many of your projects.  Give it a try!


OH!  The UPS guy was just here.  EVEN MORE patterns.  I think I’m going to have to make him some cookies or something since we are becoming so well acquainted.  🙂  I will be posting these new patterns on the website next week so be sure to check it often.

This is one of my FAVORITE new patterns that came in today and will be posted to the website next week.  It’s called ‘BRRRRRR’ and has an adorable button pack that is available for purchase, just in case you want to finish it as shown on the pattern.  How cute is this and not so big as to be overwhelming.  Should be a quick stitch.


Time to start the fire and grab my stitching.

Be kind to each other.


The Princess & the Peddler