Eat. Sleep. Stitch…

As I look out the window to my 5 (yes, FIVE) bird feeders, I see that spring really has FINALLY arrived.  I had a male and female Gold Finch on a feeder at the same time.  Now, if I can only keep those dang blackbirds from eating all their food.  I am totally open to suggestions if anyone out there has any ideas.

So, on to more FUN things….STITCHING!  We had a fun give-away this month and plan on having more, with some really nice things that I think you’ll like.  I already know what we will offer for the next give-away so stay tuned.  (Oh, the suspense!!  LOL)

I had written in Princess Proclamations, our newsletter, that I was considering a 2-3 day retreat next summer on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie.  I know you all are from ALL OVER the country and a few are international visitors.  If you need more information, here’s what I was tentatively planning:

  • Negotiate a ‘discount’ for attendees at the two bed and breakfast inns.
  • A stitch-a-long where we all work on the same project for an afternoon
  • Ask a relatively local designer to attend and offer a special design just for attendees.
    • He/She could bring their designs to see at retreat discounted rates
  • A Finishing Tutorial
  • AND other ‘yet to be determined’ fun things.

This is where I would like to have the retreat.  So, think about it.  Cost will depend on how may participants we have.


Let’s see, what else?  Oh, yeah!  We are now carrying Valdani threads that are absolutely gorgeous.  If you haven’t worked with them yet, you should consider giving them a try.  They are hand-dyed, gorgeous threads, available in 3 or 6 strands.  I currently only sell the ‘collections’ that are 12 balls of coordinated colors.  Check out our website to see the collections available.valdani

We received LOTS of new patterns in from the Nashville Market and have set up auto-ship clubs for those charts that are a series.  The next release is shipped to those who have signed up as soon as it is available from our distributors.  I offer a discount on the patterns and shipping for those who sign up for the auto-ship club.  If you missed signing up, just send me a note through the ‘Contact Us’ form on our website and let me know the series you would like.  You can find the series that are available on our website also.

Do you remember the French Market linen that we designed here at The Princess & the Peddler?  (I still just love this fabric!)french-market

WELL, the Peddler and I are in the process of hand-dying our own line of embroidery floss!  Yep, it’s happening!  We will be offering this floss in collections of 5 coordinated skeins at a VERY reasonable price. Trust us.  You will be in love with the colors, and more importantly, the price!  So, I feel like a mad scientist in the lah-bor-a-tory 🙂 .  No more $2.40 for a skein of hand dyed floss.  And I wonder why I don’t have time to stitch like I used to.  Ha Ha!

I did manage to complete this gift for my daughter whose birthday is in May.  I hope she’ll like it.  I want to make something similar for other members of  the family.


I have been watching lots of tutorials on finishing, not my strongest strength.  Although the box I made for my daughter turned out well.    I want to improve my finishing skills for ornaments.  My goal is to eventually have all my Christmas ornaments on my tree stitched.  I have seen some of the photos that some of you have posted with small trees covered with stitched ornaments and I LOVE them.  The good thing is that they are relatively small projects.  Are you all familiar with Mill Hill beaded kits?  The ones that I want to put on my tree are stitched on perforated paper.  If you haven’t tried stitching on perforated paper, you should try it. There are lots of kits that aren’t terribly expensive so you can try it and not have a lot of money invested.  This is one of the Santas that I am going to stitch for my tree this year.  I purchased 3 different Santa designs.  I normally am not a big ‘Santa’ fan for my tree,  but these guys kind of spoke to  me.


I’d love to hear what you’re working on.  We can inspire each other!

Until next time, be kind to each other.


The Princess & the Peddler

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