Monthly Musings….

Happy New Year, my sweet stitching friends.

I am so excited to think  about what the New Year will bring.  Now that the website is ‘officially’ launched,  I will be able to concentrate on reaching out to more of you, to inspire, encourage, and provide you with the most current needlework charts available.

Check the site often in January for some ‘new’ products  that I am pretty excited about.   There will be patterns as well as stitching linens that will be unique.

March will bring the Nashville show that designers are always thrilled to attend to display their new projects.  I will certainly be attending to see what great patterns they’ve created for us.  Besides, I have never been to Nashville and this is a great opportunity to hear some great music and check out some new, wonderful, unique cross stitch patterns, two of my favorite things to do. Wouldn’t it be way cool if in 2018 I was not only a buyer but a designer as well at the Nashville show.  Dream big, right?  So many ideas, so little time. I already have begun my first design but will be honest with you, the software is not very ‘user friendly.’ I have it designed on paper, but now to get it in a form that makes sense to you all…therein lies the challenge.:-)

So, in my mind, 2017 is going to be SUPERB! And I hope you agree.

Check out the Princess’s website, if you haven’t already.  AND for special notices of new products, sales, and free charts, please sign up for the newsletter, Princess Proclamations.

The Princess & The Peddler website

I will be updating this blog monthly and my FB page often.

Peace and all good things.


The Princess & The Peddler



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