Snowflakes spill from heaven’s hand, lovely and chaste like snow white sand….

Welcome, dear stitchers.  I am so glad you stopped by today.  I have what I believe to be an extra special free pattern for you.  But let’s get to some housekeeping first.

Soooo, have you been stitching at least weekly?  What are your projects?  I would love to hear about them, and even SEE pictures of them .  This is my latest project.  I believe I mentioned in an earlier post that I am working on Christmas projects so as to not be totally panicked when the holiday approaches and I’m not finished.You stitchers know what I mean.  It can be be just a little stressful!  You think??   The wrinkles you see are from the hoop I use and these will press out by ironing on the wrong side of the fabric when my project is complete.

HINT:  To avoid pesky fold lines in your fabric, when you take your work off the hoop, roll it into a tube instead of folding it.   Fold lines are a little more difficult to iron out.


Does this inspire you to pick up your needle?  I truly hope so.

Since we are in the throes of yet another polar vortex (seriously, I feel as if I have moved to Siberia.  ENOUGH, already!), I thought that today’s free chart should be snow related.  I found this adorable needlework project, courtesy of Patrick’s Woods.  THANK YOU, Patrick’s Woods.  It is truly lovely.

finished bag

Now this pattern can be just stitched and framed or finished as pictured above and used as a lovely sewing bag.

The model is stitched on 35 count linen and uses 1 strand of floss. The finished design size is 6″ x 2.75″.  If you choose to make it into a sewing bag, the designer ironed (or sewed) interface lining to the back of the stitched piece. Cut a piece of black wool the size of your stitching, adding an extra 1/4″ to the bottom and and extra 1.5″ to the top, if you are going to add the scallops.  Press 1/8″ of the top under and sew.   Now, turn right sides together and sew the sides and bottom, being sure to leave the extra 1/4″ on the bottom free. When you turn the right side out, you should have the 1/4″ wool showing at the bottom.  Using decorative scissors,cut across the wool.  Making a template for however you choose to finish the top (scallops or other design), pin the template and cut. Embellish how you like.  Voila!  Beautiful!

Here’s the chart for the design.Use the threads of your choice.**

chart bag

This would be lovely as a pinkeep also.

**The year on this is 2013.  You may want to change it to a ‘6’ that will be really easy.

I hope you enjoy today’s post and remember, let me know what you are working on!  Stay tuned for more primitive stitching inspirations or just an escape from your day to day duties.

Be kind to each other.