The kings they came from out the south, and dressed in ermin fine….

This is the first line of the poem Christmas Carol, by Sara Teasdale.  I have always loved Christmas and most of us think that is the case with everyone.  But, sadly, this isn’t the case.  There are many of our fellow brothers and sister who look upon this holiday with dread for many reasons.  It could be because their loved ones are gone, they have no one to celebrate the season with, they are homeless and cold and hungry, unemployed, and the list goes on.  I would like to ask each of you to always, but particularly during this holiday season, to make a difference in someone’s life.  A smile, help where and when you are able, and  help people remember why we celebrate this wonderful season.

Remember to whom much is given, much is expected.

Now, I  promised on my Facebook page a free pattern to help you keep busy during this holiday season.  Hah, you say?  Like you need something to keep you busy?  But a promise is a promise, right?    🙂  Remember to right click,  copy, then paste into either Paint Shop, word, or excel.

This is a lovely pattern called Woodland Deer designed and graciously donated by Lori Brechlin.

NL Woodland Deer - Nan Lewis

And here is the second one call Christmas ornie, also designed and donated by Lori Brechlin.  For those of you who may not know what an ornie is, it’s a small stitchery made to tuck into a bowl, on your Christmas tree, on a shelf, etc.  Any where you want, really.

Christmas ornie - Lori Brechlin


And this is a Christmas stitchery that I just got back from the framer. OK, class, what is it that I always say?  All together now….

If it’s worth your time, it’s worth framing properly.

So, until next time.  Peace and all good things,


lizzie kate

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