Batty?? I’ve been called worse! :-)


Afternoon, y’all.  I have been on a Halloween kick this past week.  No idea why.  It’s not even remotely close to Halloween.  I stitched the raven above this week and then I also stitched this adorable bat locket. It actually is a watch fob.  I plan on making some of these with a Christmas theme also.  They are a quick stitch and would make cute, spur of the moment gifts you might need for unexpected guests or hostess gifts for those holiday parties.


I am now working on the most beautiful piece of needle art that I think I have ever attempted. This is Lavender & Lace’s Celtic Christmas.  It is stitched with beautiful shades of reds, and burgundys and then accented with gold metallic threads.  I have started it and plan to have it completed by Christmas.  It will be my crowning jewel for 2015 if all goes as planned.

Here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like completed.  Wish me luck.  ❤


Be kind to everyone.  See you next time.


One thought on “Batty?? I’ve been called worse! :-)

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