Beggar’s Christmas by Nan Lewis

Hello, y’all.

I have been busy stitching up a lovely design by our friend, Nan Lewis.  For stitchers, Christmas really is just around the corner if they are making  a special gift for friends and loved ones.  In my mind, there is no greater gift than one that was made with love and a hand stitched gift is the epitome of this.  A stitched gift is a gift of your time more so than anything else.  If you are a needle worker, you know what I am talking about.  By creating a  hand stitched gift, you are telling that person that they are so important to you that you spent multiple hours creating this just for them. I have some smaller projects that I am going to start next.  I don’t feel pressure to complete these before Christmass because they will be stocking stuffers if I get them done.  If I don’t, they will be next year’s stocking stuffer.  🙂  Stitching should ALWAYS be something that you enjoy and not feel pressure to complete by a certain date.  In my opinion, pressure = stress and there isn’t room for stress when stitching.  It should be our happy place. Always.

Here’s my Beggar’s Christmas with my lovely Valdani threads.

Until next time.