Just hear those sleigh bells ringing…..

Good morning, all.

I woke up this morning thinking of Christmas.  This joyous holiday really is only around the corner for stitchers.  I find that I measure the length of time to a holiday by the number of stitching projects I can complete before the holiday.  I found this simple Sleigh Bell stitch this morning and thought of all the cute ways it could be finished.  It could be made into a pillow tuck, an ornament, put it on a Christmas stocking and the list goes on.  I have so many ideas but not nearly enough hands to stitch them all before Christmas.  So, I will choose what I want to complete the most and record my ideas of what else this design could be used for.  Lord knows I won’t remember them all later.  I am picking up my grandchildren this weekend and plan to teach them some simple stitches.  I hope to have them stitch a surprise for their Mama who will be absolutely touched beyond words by what their little hands have made.  These are the kind of things that mothers put away and when their children are off on their own, they get pulled out of their storage spot and lovingly touched my mamas with tears in their eyes.



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