Just Whisper

This afternoon on the north coast of Ohio, it’s a gloomy day,  actually the kind of day where one feels as if it is the perfect stitching day.  I have made another step in bringing The Princess and the Peddler to fruition.  Each step is a milestone for us.  Who was it that said that if something is worth having, it is worth working for?   Sometimes I feel as if we are moving at a snail’s pace, but, then, patience has never been known as my strong point.

I have found something to share with you all.  This is not a ‘seasonal’ design but one that can be completed ‘just because’.  It is such a sweet sentiment and I know I will be adding this to my stash of projects to complete.  This pattern is called ‘Just Whisper’ and is being offered by Hungarian designer Maja Szilagyi.

I think it is truly beautiful and hope you all enjoy stitching this.  Thank you, Maja.


Just whisper


Peace and all good things.



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