It’s 57 degrees in the house!

Good morning, all.  I awakened this morning to a chilly 57 degree house.  I have to admit that is time to crank up the furnace for the first time since spring.  It is perfect stitching weather, however.  Crisp air, breezy, leaves are changing color….all things that beacon to me pick up my stitching and enjoy this day.  I have been doing the preliminary work for some new designs that I hope you will enjoy,  I am currently focusing on ‘smalls’ that will work up quickly but still be adorable.  These will be perfect for last minute gifts for the holidays or whatever the occasion may be.  You can stitch up a few and tuck them away when you need a gift for an unexpected guest or just because.  I love ‘just because’ gifts.  You know those kind of gifts.  Just because I love you, just because I was thinking about you, just because it’s Saturday and it’s 57 degrees.  So, off I go to work on more designs and know that I draw my inspiration from what God has created.


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